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Name: Alex Furest
Age: 18
Subject taught: Computer Programming
Canon: OC
Though he does not have his powers here, making much of this irrelevant, this is information about shadows and the powers related.

(As a warning, Alex's history has many instances that my be triggering including blood, suicide, and rape. I did my best to keep all except the suicide as minimally triggering as possible, however I felt the details in the suicide were important for character.)
His earliest memories were of his mother, Maria, getting hit to the floor by his father. He can still recall most of his childhood, even if some of his memories of the abuse he suffered are fuzzy. This included for him both good times and bad, with both his mother and father. His father was an alcoholic, but used to play catch with Alex every Sunday, and his mother never looked at him without a smile. His favourite treat is still ice cream because it brings back happy memories from when his mother was still alive, in addition to feeding his huge sweet tooth.

Alex’s mother killed herself when he was four. Alex had gotten up in the middle of the night to get a glass of water from the bathroom. He walked in, just to slip on his mother’s blood. In the dark, all he knew was that he had slipped on something wet and fell onto something she and large, but he screamed in surprise as he fell. His father, who shared a room with the mother across the hall, rushed over and turned on the light. The first thing Alex saw was his mother’s face in the pool of blood with her eyes half open. To this day, he suffers from nightmares about this night, along with nightmares about the abuse he endured at his father’s hands.

Alex has been in the C.R.P.- The Children's Rehabilitation Program- since he can remember. It is a cover operation for a genetics experiment that has allowed him strange powers, but made it so that he cannot survive without certain pills that keep the gene code activated. Without his powers here, he will not need to worry about taking those pills. He had to suffer through various tests that measured his perception, pain tolerance, ability to respond to various threats, and were constantly pushing his limits to try to get him to show his powers and abilities. Many of these tests were not strictly humane, and many were at least slightly painful. He isn't clear on the purpose many of the tests had, but over time has discovered the purposes of some of them. Between these tests and the abuses of his father Alex is covered with many scars from many sources from burns to whips to cuts from broken beer bottles.

He grew up with two others in the program, Loretta and Mikel. After his father beat him particularly hard one night when Alex was 13 Mikel was finally completely fed up with Alex’s father, and despite Alex’s protests, Mikel went to ‘speak’ with him. Alex’s father has not hit or sold Alex since, but the damage had already been mostly done. Still, it did afford Alex a slightly more comfortable life. That is not to say that things went well between him and his father, or that his father stopped verbally abusing Alex, but it prevented the worst abuse. His father even occasionally bought him things, like a computer.

Once Alex was not dealing with such a terrible home life he went from a ‘B’ student to an ‘A+’ student with a near perfect average. Despite this, his best skill was not something discovered at school. He learned shortly after getting his computer that he had a knack for hacking and programming.

This came in useful when he was 16, and Loretta, Mikel, and others of the C.R.P. began to take action against the C.R.P. He hacked not only the databases, but the security systems, allowing them access to some of the most crucial areas of the C.R.P so that they could stop the inhumane research being done.

Gradually he and his friends learned more and more about the tests being done, why they were being done, who is truly in charge, versus who just is in charge on paper. They delved deeper and deeper into investigation and discovered things such as some hauntings being caused by high-level shadows that are now capable of independence, that other shadow eaters like them are also capable of various abilities and the government is watching to see just what they are capable of. Alex had a run-in with one of the programmers working for the C.R.P. rather recently. He soon found out that the other programmer was a girl named Kaylee, and with the help of Mikel they were able to convince her to switch sides. They got along for some time together, enjoying each other's company very much. It was the most Mikel or Loretta ever saw Alex talk to anyone. She was the first friend Alex really ever managed to make on his own, but there was still work to be done in toppling the C.R.P.. Kaylee, as a relation to one of the C.R.P. executives, was to make a public speech revealing the truth instead of the speech they had actually given her to read. Before she could actually say anything, someone in the crowd of reporters shot her. Mikel set up all the plans, knowing just how dangerous it would be for Kaylee. Despite that, Alex does not blame Mikel for it, only himself. Since then he has only become more and more protective of his friends. Little of importance has happened in the month between then and when he is pulled into Rakuen, save some healing of a broken heart.

Alex is extremely introverted. He shows little interest in going far out of his way to interact with others in a face-to-face situation, though he can be quite talkative online. When forced into a social situation, or a situation he finds otherwise uncomfortable, he tends to zip up his oversized sweatshirt and put up the hood, hiding his hands in his pockets. He has a fear of large crowds, but if he gets to know a person in smaller groups or over the internet he can usually form a decently stable relationship.

The abuse from the labs at the C.R.P., combined with the abuse he suffered at home has caused him to dislike being touched suddenly as it causes a kind of flight reflex, as he is expecting there to be pain associated with the touch. That does not mean he does not like contact, but it either needs to be initiated by him, or from someone he trusts when he can see that they are moving to touch him. In fact, contrary to his typical response of fear at being touched, he tends to be rather affectionate when someone has his trust.

He is non-confrontational and more likely to avoid a subject he disagrees with than pursue it with very few exceptions. Most importantly, he will stand up for his friends if they are insulted. Another thing that he feels strongly against is men who bully others. He might not always stand up to the bully, being horrified of getting hit himself, but he will do his best to support someone he sees being abused.

On the rare occasion that Alex does decide to stand up for himself, it is usually via the internet, computers, or some sort of program. Of course, he even goes so far sometimes to make sure the person does not know it was him. This is especially true if it is because someone has insulted his computer skills. Usually, however, Alex will fall silent and take the abuse. Over the years he had become accustomed to it. One of the only things that will make him physically attack someone else is if someone insults his mother. He considers her the only good part of his childhood, and has grown to think of her as an angel, putting her up on a pedestal. Anyone trying to take her off of that needs to be stopped.

He also has a phobia of sexual situations, blood, and heights. The fear of sexual situations is caused by his past, as is his fear of blood. While not a phobia, he avoids doctors out of fear as well due to the trauma the doctors and scientists at the C.R.P. put him through. He is also afraid of many other, smaller things as well and a rather skittish person in general, but when he is needed he is usually reliable. There is the occasion, however, where he will freeze completely. This occurs when what is going on is just too much for his to process- like being on the front lines of a battle.

Alex is a genius of sorts. He had a hundred- if not a near hundred- in all of his classes in high school, but his true genius lies in his skill with computers and math-at least math that is involved in algorithms for dynamic programming. He can rattle off most programming languages as easily as if he was speaking English. He is even capable of reading the binary versions of commands as easily as he can English. He does many various computer programs, especially creating AIs with a dynamic learning ability.

However, his programming is not what he is known in the internet community for- it is his hacking skills. He, if he desired, could hack even the most secure systems. Once he is able to establish communication with a network, there is nothing that can keep him out if he really wants to get in. Of course, this might take a few days for a particularly hard system, but he will not give up until he gets in.

The way he will relentlessly attack a program is the same way he will relentlessly attack a puzzle. There has yet to be a puzzle he has not solved, but he still loves a good puzzle that takes some time for him to complete.

He is also able to set bones and sew stitches because of his experience in doing so for himself after particularly bad night with his father. Still, his fear of blood keeps him from often offering this aid if there is anyone else who will do the job. He's also a halfway decent singer, though he only sings when he's alone, usually when he's hacking or programming.

Name: Unus Mundus

Form: Ballistics Shield

  • Data Master
  • Dual Wielding
  • Protect
  • Regen
  • Durability

Lost memories:
  • His mother
  • How to tie his shoes
  • The number 9
  • He is afraid of doctors
  • That he enjoys to sing
  • He fears sex
  • How he met Mikel
  • Kaylee's death
  • How to write with a pen, pencil, crayon, marker, etc.
  • Hiccups don't mean someone's heart is trying to escape

Sample: (From Maison De Portes setting)
Infiltrate a lab, an office building, a house. It was becoming routine at this point. Hack the security, slip in when no one is looking, get out. He didn't even mind it. He got to avoid people, and avoiding people was something he had gotten good at over the years. Instead of getting out this time, Alex took a step and the whole world lurched. He closed his eyes, expecting a fall, but instead when he opened them his surroundings were completely unfamiliar. The stark white of the office building was replaced with warmer colours as he found himself in the entrance hall of what looked like a mansion. It started as just a clenching in his stomach, but the panic mounted as he looked around. He could feel his throat clenching and his heart racing as he tried the door to no avail. He couldn't think to do much else than try again, and again, but still the door refused to budge. He began pounding on it, “open the door! Let me out!” He banged on the door in desperation before finally turning around to face the rest of the house, his back pressed against the wood. He took a deep breath, even though it drew in jagged an choked. So far no one showed their face. If he was lucky, he was alone, and could figure some way out on his own. There had to be windows right? He could break those and get out, and then figure out where he was and how he had gotten here. He pushed himself up and put one foot in front of the other. As long as he managed to avoid anyone, he would be fine. He had always had trouble with remembering things, and knew it would just be a matter of time before he ended up in a completely unfamiliar place. His heart felt like it was going to burst from his chest and his feet were unsteady, but he knew it was something that he was just going to need to work around. All he could do was to pray to what powers might be that he didn't find another person.

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