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 How am I doing?
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  1. Most importantly, Alex has a triggering history. It includes violence against children, rape, suicide, torture, blood, and general child-abuse. Does any of this bother you? I will always warn when a subject is in danger of coming up, and he tends to avoid talking about it,  but if any of these bother you, you can let me know here, and I will make sure he doesn't say anything triggering.
  2. Alex isn't very good with reading facial expressions usually, especially in the realms of positive emotions, but he's gotten used to linking some negative feelings with the shadows he used to see. Does your characters have typical expressive traits, or do they mask their feelings fairly well?
  3. Alex also stutters and speaks colloquially. If that bothers you, let me know here so I can skip the phonetic writing and the stutter.

Other permissions;

Threadjacking? I'm fine with it!
Back-threading? It will happen. :|b
Injury? Ask me first, but I'm usually fine with it!

Medical: Alex has had a rough past, and isn't in the best shape. If he's not acting as a weapon, his body isn't all that strong, but he's quick on his feet. He may need reminders on how to eat right though.
Romance: Because of his past, Alex is iffy on romances, but if the right person comes along, we are both all for it! He tends to prefer girls, but a guy is not out of the question.
Physical contact: Alex doesn't dislike contact itself, but he is very jumpy when someone goes to touch him, though he'll be less so when he gets to trust a person. He might flip out over a hug at first, but he really doesn't mind the hug itself. It just surprises him
Sexual relations: That's going to be a no for a long time.

Alex's IC triggers; They basically coincide with the trigger warnings for other people that I listed above. I am totally not against them being mentioned, but Alex may get upset depending on the context, though they are sure to gain some sort of negative reaction from anger to sadness, but also compassion if it's something someone else has gone through. Parents and how they act can be a touchy subject for him, and he especially does not like his mother to be insulted, and will at the very least be sullen if something about his father is praised. He's easily bullied, but calling him weak is likely to hurt him the worst. Depending on the situation he may try to prove the person calling him weak wrong, but generally there has to be someone else he is protecting, or he is likely to just submit.


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