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Dual-Wielding The Player can wield two Weapons at once if one of them has this ability. Even if both Weapons have the Dual-Wielding ability, the Player is still only able to wield two.
Data Master See all angles, speeds, and trajectories of moving objects.
Durability Essentially a Weapon's HP, this stat governs how much pain or damage the Weapon character can take before they lose consciousness.
Protect When the Player is at 10% health, they automatically switch places, physically, with the Weapon.
Regen The Player and Weapon slowly regain health throughout the course of the battle; essentially acts as a slow-acting painkiller.

Memory 1- Alex is afraid of sex. (Note the consequential psychological repercussions also are returned.)
Memory 2- From Transmigration 9- The journal that Sam gave him (and the actual time it was given).
Memory ---Locked---
Memory ---Locked---
Memory ---Locked---
Memory ---Locked---
Memory ---Locked---
Memory ---Locked---
Memory ---Locked---
Memory ---Locked---
Memory ---Locked---
  • PDA (video/audio upgrade; Gamestat upgrade; e-shop upgrade)
  • Gray jacket
  • black tanktop
  • jeans
  • beat up sneakers
  • Rakuen Uniform (male)
  • Rakuen Uniform (female)
  • glowsticks (just a few left)
  • 4 strobe lights
  • aklsjdfasfkjkl extension chords.
  • 009 Sound System CD by Alexander Perls
  • Before the Storm by Darude
  • Sweet Harmony by Liquid
  • a CD of Modestep
  • DotA by Basshunter
Memories still lost:
  • His mother
  • How to tie his shoes
  • The number 9
  • He is afraid of doctors
  • That he enjoys to sing
  • How he met Mikel
  • Kaylee's death
  • How to write with a pen, pencil, crayon, marker, etc.
  • Hiccups don't mean someone's heart is trying to escape

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