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Rebecca Harcourt
Alex really wasn't ready for Becca or her feelings for him, but he ended up learning quickly about his own growing feelings for her. He never expected to fall for anyone here, and having begun to really fall for Becca, he's a bit torn; he still likes Kaylee from his own world, but they never became an official couple. He's decided that he will put aside those inhibitions and actually start dating Becca, even if they have yet to actually go on a real date.

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No. 6
Shion and Alex met early in Alex's carrier and quickly began to get along. While not yet completely trusting Shion, he is one of the people he holds the most trust for here. He looks up to Shion, even asking him for advice when it came to his feeling for Becca. He was upset that Shion lost all his memories save one, but he has high hopes for their friendship to blossom again.

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Dave Strider (AU)
Dave is cooler than cool. The only one around that Alex knows that matches his cool is Dirk, and he's already figured out that they're brothers. Alex hasn't gotten to know too much else about Dave, but his computer-fu and sick beats have already earned him points in Alex's book. Even more were earned when he DJ'd for Alex's rave.

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Dirk Strider
Alex thinks Dirk is just as cool as his brother. They have to be, since they act so cool right? He can't wait to get to see Dirk's hacking skills. He also wants to find the chance to get to know more about Dirk, just because he seems really nice and supportive, and what better kind of person to keep around?

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Sam Henderson
Alex was greatful for Sam having given him a crash-course on how normal people eat, but he never suspected that beating his shadow-self would earn him a strange memory of the other giving him some kind of journal that meant a lot to him. He can't place why, but his feelings about Sam warmed up quickly.

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