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  1. Most importantly, Alex has a triggering history. It includes violence against children, rape, suicide, torture, blood, and general child-abuse. Does any of this bother you? I will always warn when a subject is in danger of coming up, and he tends to avoid talking about it,  but if any of these bother you, you can let me know here, and I will make sure he doesn't say anything triggering.
  2. Alex isn't very good with reading facial expressions usually, especially in the realms of positive emotions, but he's gotten used to linking some negative feelings with the shadows he used to see. Does your characters have typical expressive traits, or do they mask their feelings fairly well?
  3. Alex also stutters and speaks colloquially. If that bothers you, let me know here so I can skip the phonetic writing and the stutter.
  1. Alex is something called a Shadow Eater. (Detailed information about them and Shadows here) He sees negative emotions in the form of shadows around a person, and he needs to eat these for sustenance.  Can I say that he sees a shadow on your character if in the response you state your character is feeling a negative emotion without asking if he sees this emotion directly from you each time? If it is unclear, I will always ask permission.
  2. Can Alex eat your characters shadows? It does not keep them from ever feeling that again, but for a time removes the feeling, it comes back the next time your character thinks of whatever thought or memory caused it. He feels the emotion and gets a sense of what thought or memory caused it. (Think in general terms like "that girl I love left me"- she could have dumped the character, moved away, died, or anything like that. He might be able to guess more based on the strength of the feeling).
  3. Alex gets a few abilities with his shadow-eating, but because they are all made of shadows themselves they are (almost) impossible to see (Think like Lucy's hands from Elfin Lied,) unless Alex shares his ability to see shadows. Does your character have some way of reading emotions, like in empath, or something else that might let them see them?
  4. Alex is a hacker, and a rather good one at that. It might take him a few days to get used to the PCDs, and a few weeks before he's got the coding figured out, but once that happens, is it okay for him to hack your posts that are private but not unhackable? It is unlikely he often will, as he respects privacy, but he also would not have qualms if he was given a reason.

Other permissions;

Threadjacking? I'm fine with it!
Back-threading? It will happen. :|b
Injury? Ask me first, but I'm usually fine with it!

Medical: Alex has had a rough past, and isn't in the best shape. His body isn't all that strong, but he's quick on his feet. His shadow abilities also make him very resilient, however they are also a curse; he needs to take a type of amino acid to keep himself from dying. It keeps the genes that was spliced in switched on, however, the genes also overwrote important genes to instructing the body how to process normal food energy at a cellular level, so if he does not take the pills and the gene falls dormant, he will die of cellular starvation. He is not aware that this is the exact process, but knows that not taking these pills would be very bad.
Romance: Because of his past, Alex is iffy on romances, but if the right person comes along, we are both all for it! He tends to prefer girls, but a guy is not out of the question.
Physical contact: Alex doesn't dislike contact itself, but he is very jumpy when someone goes to touch him, though he'll be less so when he gets to trust a person. He might flip out over a hug at first, but he really doesn't mind the hug itself. It just surprises him. He has essentially been trained that being touched means being hurt, but he has realized this and is trying to teach himself otherwise.
Sexual relations: That's going to be a no for a long time.

Alex's IC triggers; They basically coincide with the trigger warnings for other people that I listed above. I am totally not against them being mentioned, but Alex may get upset depending on the context, though they are sure to gain some sort of negative reaction from anger to sadness, but also compassion if it's something someone else has gone through. Parents and how they act can be a touchy subject for him, and he especially does not like his mother to be insulted, and will at the very least be sullen if something about his father is praised. He's easily bullied, but calling him weak is likely to hurt him the worst. Depending on the situation he may try to prove the person calling him weak wrong, but generally there has to be someone else he is protecting, or he is likely to just submit.


Date: 2012-09-17 08:21 pm (UTC)From: [personal profile] reconciledtwins
1. Go ahead if it comes up.
2. Rubedo is expressive but occasionally misleading, Albedois expressive but has strange reactions to some things, Ulqui is lineface.
3. As long as I can understand it, it's fine.


1. They habitually keep a psychic barrier up, so he should only be able to see the Shadows if I note that the emotion shakes them.
2. Feel free, they will be grateful.
3. Nope.
4. He can, but they're unlikely to flub a filter.

1. No such psychic screwery here.
2. Go ahead. He will be confused.
3. Does the ability to see spirits/spiritual energy count?
4. Again, he can, but good luck catching him messing up.

Date: 2012-09-17 08:51 pm (UTC)From: [personal profile] snarkypotions
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1. Totally fine as I know. If something does cross a line, I'll shoot you a PM
2. They both mask their emotions pretty well, just in different ways.
3. Aaaand fine with this as well.


1. Being the skilled Occlumens (mind-shielder) he is, nope. But it's pretty easy to tell that Snape is someone who would have a lot of shadows around him, just that... you can't see them.
2. Let's play this one by ear and deal with it as it comes.
3. Yep! Skilled Legilimens (mind-reader) as well.
4. If he ever leaves anything private but hackable, sure!


1. Should be fine. Urahara's shadows would probably flicker in and out though since he tends to cycle through his emotions quickly/usually in a good mood/pushes away negative emotions by being over the top happy/goofy/stupid
2. If it ever comes up, sure. Urahara might not have that many shadows though since he addresses his emotions pretty well.
3. Nope! Unless it has some effect on his 'spiritual powers/level/energy' in that case, the shinigami would be able to sense that
4. If he ever leaves anything private but hackable, sure!

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1) Totally fine with those subjects coming up.
2) Most are pretty straightforward with their expressions. Shizuo usually looks like he's staring dully or lazily, but he's better at it. Lily is the biggest 'liar' as what she does/says/expresses could very well be different from how she really feels. It's just what she decides that she wants to react as.
3) I'm fine with it as long as it doesn't get too jumbled.


1) Completely fine with this! She generally doesn't have a lot of shadows, or at least not large or heavy ones.
2) If you want!
3) She sort of has it. Telepathy, if that counts, and if it might adjust the feel of Alex's energy.
4) Most likely, yup. I'm definitely fine with it.

1) Oh, definitely. She's a little self destructive, and she's basically turned daddy issues and all assumptions/irritations from it into how she acts. Have fun with it?
2) See: Botan 2
3) Nooope
4) Probably, yeah.

1) Feel free~ I am not completely sure if his rages count towards making shadows. At least it'll be followed by self-loathing afterwards.
2) See: Botan 2
3) Nuh uh.
4) Ahahaha... Go ahead. Shizuo barely knows how to do a filter.

1) I'm not completely sure. Only if you think Alex can see such things from a robot. She definitely has emotions, so I'll leave the final decision up to you. (The answers will be if you think they're applicable)
2) If applicable -> See: Botan 2
3) Not one bit
4) Chii usually doesn't make the filters, so it would be up to the other person involved in a thread. That's the only place it would show up.

Date: 2012-09-18 07:47 am (UTC)From: [personal profile] feel_nevermore
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1.It's fine.
2.Raven's face is an emotionless mask at least 90% of the time because she does keep suppressing her emotions. She's deadpan when she talks too. If she gets angry, embarrassed or happy enough for it to show, it's easy to read but it's not frequent.
3.No problem!

1.As I said above, Raven suppresses her emotions all the time so he probably won't see anything around her.
2.If Alex did happen to be around as she feels some strong anger or fear she can't suppress, the yes. But it's unlikely to happen on a random meeting. That could be a plot idea, though ;)
3.Right on: Raven's an empath!
4.Raven is used to make all her private posts unhackable (yes, she likes her private conversations to remain private) and she learnt from a very good hacker too (Tieria Erde). So I'd say no or discuss with me first (by PM). I don't bite and I love people suggesting plot ideas ;D

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1. It's fine. Loki is pretty horrible and I myself favor horribles.
2. It depends. Loki can be very readable when he's overemotional, but he's very good at being deceptive. I typically note in the narrative but if you have any questions ever, just let me know.:)
3. Doesn't bother me.


1. Wow Alex, Loki will probably be a buffet. I'm good with it.
2. Yup. But Loki might.. retaliate? Depending on if he notices it's happening or whatnot.
3. No, he's generally good at reading people just by age but no super ability. He has minor canonical telepathy/mind control but it's only been seen in use once.
4. Loki uses an encryption by Roxy. He's learning things on his own but yeah, Alexcan probably hack with some effort. :)

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For Jane and Spock

Date: 2012-09-18 04:09 pm (UTC)From: [personal profile] bifroster
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1. All of that is fine by me, as long as it doesn't go into details.

2. Jane is a typical human, so there shouldn't be too many problems with that. Spock on the other hand, typically keeps his emotions in a tight little box. Not really hiding them, just not expressing them in favor of Logic.

3. That's fine with me!


1. For both Jane and Spock, this is fine!

2. Same with the above answer. Jane might find it odd and will want to learn more about it, as will Spock, but I think Alex will have a harder time finding emotions or shadows of any sort on him.

3. Jane is totally human, so she has no way to read emotions and the like. Spock, however, is a touch-telepath and can read emotions and memories from things like that, but he avoids that as much as he can. There is also mind-melding, which he won't do unless it's illogical not to do or asked to. So Alex is good on both accounts.

4. Sure. Jane and Spock don't often do private posts, but Spock did work on a new encryption that should be fun for him to try to break.

And here is a permission's post for Spock.

Date: 2012-09-18 06:03 pm (UTC)From: [personal profile] psionichax0r
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everything on this list looks a-okay to me. :3 stutter, triggers, what have you.

sollux won't be able to see alex's abilities but feel free to have alex eat his shadows or whatever you want. i'm okay with anything!

Date: 2012-09-18 10:16 pm (UTC)From: [personal profile] mellowyellow
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1. I have no problem with any of these.
2. Masaomi is easy to read with a wide variety of obnoxious expressions that go far beyond just his face. Occasionally (read: whenever he doesn't want to talk about something) he'll hide negative emotions behind steadily more obnoxious positive expressions, but I'm not sure if that's the sort of info you're after.
3. No problem with this either.

1. Sure, go ahead.
2. Again, sure.
3. Nope.
4. Go ahead. Anything not specifically titled "unhackable" is fair game.

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Just have this guy!

Date: 2012-09-20 04:43 am (UTC)From: [personal profile] understands_nothing
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1. I'm fairly trigger-free regarding fictional writing, so have at it! Even if Sora doesn't handle dark material that well.
2. Sora is exceptionally expressive, but has a tendency to cover up negative emotions.
3. I'm good with the phonetics! Whichever is more fun for you.

1. I'm fine with it! If you're ever unsure whether or not Sora is feeling something negative - since he's a butt - feel free to ask me.
2. Yep!
3. He doesn't, no.
4. Sure!

Date: 2012-09-20 06:58 am (UTC)From: [personal profile] no1troll
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Everything on the list looks completely fine. About how much he shows his feelings, Tavros is usually an open book. He often tries to pretend that he isn't feeling hurtful things, but he's not a good actor by any means.

Vincent Valentine

Date: 2012-09-20 05:32 pm (UTC)From: [personal profile] ff_red_turk
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1. I'd rather be warned about triggering material just in case.
2. Vincent is the king of stoneface. His most expressive moments include slightly widening eyes, frowning, and a quirk of his mouth that could be a smile.
3.No worries


Vincent Valentine: Yes. Oooh boy, yes. He has issues.
Unohana Retsu: I'd say yes, but it is unlikely to happen very often. Unohana is usually a happy person.
Hyuuga Hinata: Definitely.

All characters: I'd rather see this on a case-by-case basis than give blanket permission on this one.

All characters: Same as above.

Vincent Valentine: Vincent is dubbed in canon to be somethign so dark even shadow cannot contain him,so I'm guessing, he would see it if Chaos (the entity he has inside) is lurking close to the surface, not all the time.

Unohana Retsu: She's a shinigami and can fele spiritual energy. Not sure about how that could influence anything.

Hyuuga Hinata: She might be able to see them with the Byakugan, but she doesn't have that actovated 24/7. The Byakugan allosw her to be even more perceptive about people's body language, thus enabling her to read the emotions better, btu she's not an empath or atelepath at all.

All characters: None of my characters are particularly adept. They have been shown how to do unhackable filters, but anything not marked as such is fair game.

Re: Vincent Valentine

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Date: 2012-09-20 06:33 pm (UTC)From: [personal profile] doestheickyjobs
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1. No problems with any potential content.
2. Hanekoma ([personal profile] ceiling_cat) ranges in expressiveness from "serious" to "amused," usually settling on "calm." Axel (this account) is very expressive but will attempt to hide his emotions.
3. Slang and dialect are fine.


1. Seeing shadows on Axel is fine; Hanekoma's something of a special case and is unlikely to create Shadows.
2. Axel, yes, but expect confusion/aggression in response; Hanekoma, see above.
3. Axel no; Hanekoma is capable of reading minds, seeing the dead, and detecting negative emotions/shards of ill-will given sentient form (Noise) in his canon. He may well be able to see the shadow abilities.
4. Hacking anything Axel lists as 'private' is OK; Hanekoma's a capable hacker himself and I'd prefer if you asked me before assuming Alex can hack anything.

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Date: 2012-09-25 06:58 am (UTC)From: [personal profile] nolifecount
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1) Doesn't bother me in the slightest.

2) Alucard tend to mask his feelings very well, but he tends to be direct and a bit pushy when he wants information. This manner of him may intimidate and scare people, but that because he's assertive.

3) Doesn't bother me, but my character isn't very patient when it comes to listen to what the other person has to say. xD He's like, "Well? Get on with it and spit it out!"

1) Sure, go ahead. Alucard hides his negative emotions well, and actually use his will power to control his shadows in his dark aura. As a vampire, he can manifest these shadows and make them solid. Solid enough to actually use the shadows as a weapon to kill someone...though the character preferred to use guns and his fists to do the fighting.

2) Sure, Alex can eat Alucard's shadows. He might get annoyed if some of these emotions/shadows deal with his memories of the woman he loves. Long story short, Alucard is angry to be in adstring because he's seperate from his woman on Earth.

3) Alucard cannot see people's memories unless he drinks their blood. Alucard is however very psychic and can pick up emotions of others, but never says anything of this ability. So if he sense if Alex is afraid, he would know, and use it to his advantage.

4) Alucard might get annoyed that a hacker reads his things. XD But in the end, he probably doesn't care and sees his journal entries as pretty worthless anyway.

But yeah, any questions about powers and permissions, feel free to ask and shoot me a PM. :3

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Date: 2012-09-25 07:57 am (UTC)From: [personal profile] whatwas
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1. I'm pretty much good with anything.
2. Both of my characters (Horst and Lucifer) are open books. They don't hide their emotions, and don't really bother to try.
3. All good!

1. Certainly! Lucifer is literally Satan, so I don't know how that would translate to Alex's powers, but feel free to play with that however you like. Horst is a vampire, but very much in touch with his humanity including negative emotions. If not being human or alive wouldn't affect Alex's power, then go for it.

2. For Lucifer, probably not but we can see how things develop. For Horst, yes.

3. Lucifer does. Horst is very intuitive by nature, but I don't know that I'd call it an 'ability', exactly?

4. Absolutely! Horst has never used technology before, and Lucifer has zero hacker skills. Feel free to go nuts with that.

Date: 2012-10-01 12:17 am (UTC)From: [personal profile] abstracta
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1) All of that is perfectly fine! If anything starts to cross a line into uncomfortable territory, I'll let you know before it goes too far.
2) This one is actually rather difficult, at least when it comes to Fai. Fai is extremely expressive. He uses facial expressions quite often, as well as hand gestures. But, what ever those facial expressions show is usually not what he's actually feeling. So, he mask his feelings very, very well, but he also portrays different ones than what he's actually feeling.
3) Totally alright! As long as it's readable and I can understand it.



1) Fai is an extremely powerful mage, who also has magical detection. Because of this, he'd probably be able to sense what Alex is doing. So, he's more than welcome to, but be aware that Fai will probably be able to tell that he's doing it.
2) With most things, go right ahead. He'd actually probably be grateful for it. If there's ever a time I'm not fine with it, I'll let you know!
3) Not exactly. Again, with the magical detection, he can tell when someone uses magic, and once he gets used to it, can sense their magical signature. He even seems to be able to tell what kind of spell was used. So I'm sure there'd be some way to incorporate that if it ever comes up!
4) If something is expressly marked private, than no. If it says it's in anyway hackable, then that's fine.


1) Nope. Shion is a completely and utterly normal boy with no powers what so ever.
2) Basically, everything that has to do with Nezumi is more than likely going to be a no. Otherwise, go right ahead, and I'll try and express which one it is in the tag.
3) Nope! Not at all.
4) Again, unless they're marked private, then be my guest!

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1: I should be fine, if something goes too far I'll tell you.
2: Pitch is full of sarcasm but not of his expressions are exactly happy. Gleeful is about as far as he goes.
3: it's cool!


1: Pitch is a massive negative emotion, probably the biggest ever considering things I told you about and that he's the embodiment of Fear.
2: GOOD LUCK GETTING THEM ALL but sure! He probably won't even notice a few going missing.
3: I'm not sure on that, but Pitch could probably sense them in the same way he senses what people's fears are.
4: I don't see Pitch locking much on his own but yes, go ahead!

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