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Shadow Eater powers:
(currently known powers with green background)
  Defensive Offensive Ranged
Tier I A shield is summoned that is capable of withstanding about twice a normal human's strength. That is the base strength of a shadow. The shield is only about two feet across and four feet high in a slightly curved rectangle shape. Shadow encases the striking limb- be it arm, leg, or even head. The shadow is what actually impacts with the opponent, striking with the same strength as Alex can, but is harder than a fist- making it more seem like the opponent has been hit with stone. Tentacle-like pieces of shadow materialize from Alex, and these can be used to restrain most human-strength creatures. It would not be able to restrain say, one of those body builders. It can also be used to trip or carry things, though attacking with them is rather ineffective, since they do not cause harm themselves, they only can basically grab on to something. Any harm that is caused would be caused by the person fighting against the restraint, or landing after getting tripped. These "tentacles" only have a range of about 20 feet.
Tier II A half-shell can be created that blocks a full 9 by 9 foot half-circle area. Any frontal attacks would be blocked and pushed off to the side. However, the half-shell also cannot be held for more than an hour at a time, needing at least ten minutes of rest between each use. If it is used for less than an hour, then he must rest for relatively as long. For example; if he uses this shell for a half hour, then he must rest for five minutes. Shadows work much like the first tier, except he can also move faster now, twice the normal human speed. Using this he wears out twice as quickly, but it offers him much harder of a punch, to super human levels. Also, he can run faster and dodge faster. With this power he can allow someone to see shadows as he can for 15 minutes. With every extra tier of ranged he gains access to, he is able to increase this time by 5 minutes for a max of a half hour.
Tier III Up to two other people within a foot of Alex are protected by a sort of shell that is difficult to break. It would take an extreme amount of force to break, but it is also not able to block things such as bullets. Pressing against the edges of the shell from the inside would also shatter it. Any injuries of the people in the shell are healed at a much faster rate, so that something like a broken arm can be healed in a matter of four or five hours. This follows the same rules as the half-shell for recharging. For this level, he can send out his shadow and have it wrap around a person's neck and chest. It can't kill someone through suffocation, but can cause them to pass out. Alex can send out a line of shadow, the end of which raises off the ground at various levels. He can see from the end of this shadow. At first he will need to close his eyes, but through use he can learn to see both places at once. This works for up to 1000ft, and can travel through cracks, even ones only small enough for water.
Tier IV The same as the tier III defensive shadow, except it can only hold one other person, and is now virtually impenetrable. He can channel his shadow to emit from his skin an extreme heat or cold. Both of these can cause burns to others, varying in severity based on how long they are exposed and how directly. By manipulating his shadow he is capable of rendering himself invisible, including his clothes. He still creates sound as normal, however.
Tier V The same as tier IV except it can now also be created for up to two other people at a distance. Alex is capable of making copies of himself at this level. They have actual mass, though the more there are, they weaker and less accurate each one is. He may also cause them to be only vaguely human shaped while still looking like shadows. When he learns this ability, he can share his shadows with anyone nearby, willing or not.

  • PCD
  • 1 pair of jeans
  • 1 pair of boxers
  • 1 black tanktop
  • 1 pair sneakers
  • 1 pair socks
  • Grey jacket
  • 3 winter jackets
  • 1 bottle of mystery alcohol
  • cell phone
  • head phones
  • Pill case
  • Keys to Falling Water
  • Bedroom filled with tech parts found in the wastes
  • From Magneto: A box with Alex’s name on it. Inside is a very long letter, very parental in tone and warmly affectionate. About how much he’ll miss Alex and how much a joy Alex has been. There’s a lot of detail, even some very nicely done sketches of Alex – he knows that people can lose memories and he wants Alex to have this to hold onto if he loses his, which he explains. He wants Alex to know that even if he’s gone, he does have someone who would like to consider himself Alex’s father and that he’d deeply loved. There’s information on Genosha and how to find him there if they figure out how to leave and go where they wish, since Alex is welcome there with him. The final page asks him to be strong.
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