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(Any feelings/desires are projections of the dreamscape and not required)

The computer: Most of Alex's dreamscape will have elements of computer programming floating around in them. Sometimes the walls will be made of nothing but numerals, sometimes someone might have a tag floating over their head, pictures on the wall might all be the hex for the colours instead of the actual colours themselves. Hallways will need to render as you get closer to the end. Anything along those lines are quite possible in all but the darkest areas of his dreamscape.

Central Park: The entirety is within his dreamscape, the edges looping back on themselves unless the desire is to exit. It has a general sense of calm and peace. The focuses are on a large rock where it is always night and always crawling with rats and a large field where a very young Alex plays catch with his father and gets ice cream with his mother; her face is a little hazy, but she seems to practically be glowing.

Alex's apartment: It is on the top floor of a building. A old elevator is right outside in a small lobby kind of area. The first door has a doorbell and one lock that is always left open. It leads two a mud room with a coat rack. There are two doors from there, one to the right with no lock, and one straight ahead that is much heavier and has three locks.

     The forward door: (Trigger warning: alcoholism) In the dreamscape it is always unlocked, leading into his apartment's living room. The galley kitchen can also be seen from here. The floor is littered with cans of cheap beer and the scent of alcohol is strong. His father, a man even taller than Alex might be sitting in the recliner, watching a baseball game. It's obvious that Alex got at least some of his looks from him, even if he also took his mother's more slender frame. She might be found waiting on her father, and depending how dark the scene is, they might either both be happy, or his mother might appear afraid, even bruised. His father is drunk in the house no matter how light the scene is. Where the kitchen meets the living room there is a hallway that leads down to an office – complete with a small conference table – and his parents bedroom on the right, and a bathroom that always feels foreboding and Alex's bedroom on the left.

     The left door: (Trigger warning: sexual/physical abuse, possibly of minors) This room will show some resistance to entering, even if the door has no evidence of having any locks at all. Inside is a four-poster-bed in the centre of the room. Mirrors cover the wall opposite the door. A dresser is against the wall on the same side as the door and the carpet is plush and littered with cushions and pillows. In some of the drawers toys typically belonging to a young boy can be found in the lower drawers, but other toys completely inappropriate for a young child can be found in the upper drawers along with various types of restraints and things such as lubrication and condoms. The entire room has an oppressive feel that just crushes down on anyone entering with a sense of despair. Chances are that the eye is repeatedly drawn to one of the mirror pieces, and the dream will guide anyone curious to find a hidden door that leads into Alex's bedroom. If anyone is interested in walking into this while Alex is here, please let me know first.

Alex's Bedroom: It is sparse, but has the least oppressive feeling in the whole apartment. There's an old play rug with little houses and roads on the floor, a table with a desk lamp, a single sized bed, a child's table and a stool against it used as a chair, and a wardrobe. Looking back to the door that can be found hidden behind the mirror, there is a blanket with Spiderman leaping through the skies of New York covering the door as well as a desire to look away. A sense of relief and even love might draw anyone entering this area to a particular floorboard that can be pried open, hiding a laptop and external hard-drive. (TW: Child abuse) In a darker version of this scene, Alex can be found on his knees, holding onto or even tied to the stool as his father lashes his back with a belt.

The Labs: (Trigger warning: hospitals, patient abuse) This place has a feeling of dreading sickness, fear, and a powerful hatred. Everything is sterile looking, much like a hospital. There are quite a few waiting rooms and a cafeteria as well as a great many examination rooms, all apparently for various purposes. Anything from medical to mental health equipment can be found in here, but any doctors might try to drag you to the nearest room to undergo a procedure that might range from an MRI to a stress test, or even electro-shock treatments, or even in some of the worst rooms, brain surgery. It doesn't matter how willing the person is, and resisting will only result in more faceless orderlies, nurses and doctors appearing to try to subdue whoever is unfortunate enough to wander into this area. It is hard to escape once caught, but thanks to it being a dream, thinking about something else hard enough should be able to get you out. The hallways here are also liable to become labyrinths that only grow more confusing the harder you try to leave.

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