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First Alex had shown this greasy haired man the different children his father was keeping in the apartment building. He had all the rooms modified to be sound proofed over the years so the real tenants have no idea what is happening next door to them. It just seems like a blissfully quiet building in New York's noisy Harlem. He had stood next to his father, feeling sick and shaking as the man bragged about how he'd trained his son into the life and how he had made sure Alex had learned how to be obedient and take orders so that he could one day replace his old man -or be sacrificed for the cause.

Beyond his father's involvement in a pile of illegal activities and his blatant racism, Alex couldn't say much more about 'the cause', though he knew that it had more weight than just some political agenda.

The young man's heart sank to hear that the greasy man from before had returned- this time to enjoy some private time with Alex. As much as he hated it, Alex was reasonably obedient to his father, but out of fear more than anything else. So Alex waited for Dammers in the private room connected to the apartment he shares with his father. He still didn't have much of a choice at this point, after allowing himself to be shackled to the bed by a collar and heavy chain. Years ago he had tried to run away when a customer entered the room, and his father hadn't given him a second chance even though he had later returned by his own volition. It had cost his father the money he was supposed to get from the session, and beating the kid into critical condition wasn't enough of an assurance for him that Alex wouldn't try again.

The room is moodily lit, though a dial allows the light to be raised up if someone wanted a better look. The carpet is plush, and the sheets on the four poster bed are new and nicer than anything his father had actually given to his son. There's pillows scattered throughout the room and a dresser against one wall. An array of instruments more suited to torture are set out on top of the dresser for easy access. 

Alex waits, sitting at the head of the bed, naked save the steel collar around his neck. He tries to have some modesty by sitting in a way to hide himself as best as he can. He's already bruised and has numerous recent wounds, including a still scabbed etching of the name 'Jamie' across his side. His father would have made it clear that there should be no wounding of his face or hands, since those were more noticeable than elsewhere, and could bring more suspicion from the general public. Alex does have relatively few scars on his face and hands than on the rest of him, but it's pretty apparent that his body had been some kind of sick playground for twisted people. A few surgical scars stand out among the mess of lashes, carvings, and burns, but only barely.

Dammers would have been given the key to the collar and the lock that attaches the chain to the wall so that he could move as he pleases with Alex and explains that there are plenty of options of toys and outfits in the dresser if he wanted. When he enters, it's hard to mistake the look of defeat on Alex's face. There isn't even the fury he tried to hide the last time Dammers saw him.

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